What Happens To Your Skin If You Don’t Poop Every Day – Health Digest

What Happens To Your Skin If You Don't Poop Every Day - Health Digest

Estrogen buildup in women caused by not pooping regularly can cause skin disruptions, per Jolene Brighten, a naturopathic doctor and president and Chief Medical Officer at Rubus Health in Portland, Oregon (via mindbodygreen). “If your bowels aren’t moving, your estrogen sticks around longer than it should and goes back into circulation in the body. You have to poop every day to get your estrogen out.”

While low estrogen levels are linked to dry skin, an excess of it can lead to oily skin and hyperpigmentation. According to acupuncturist and herbalist Mona Dan (via Well+Good), based on traditional Chinese medicine, your skin’s pallor and texture can also change depending on your pooping habits. Someone dealing with constipation could end up having a dry and dull complexion, while someone with loose stool movement might have oily skin. 

Did you just realize that you’re not pooping every day? Has all this information made you worry about your skin health? Regular bowel movement might look different from one person to another, say some experts. 

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