Essential Tips To Help Find Your Fat Burning Zone – Health Digest

Essential Tips To Help Find Your Fat Burning Zone - Health Digest

You don’t need any high-tech gadgets to get a good idea of your fat-burning zone with the Fox formula, according to Healthline. Start with your age and subtract it from 220 to get your maximum heart rate. So, someone 47 years old would have a maximum heart rate of 173, since 220 minus 47 is 173. Since the fat-burning zone is about 70% of your maximum heart rate, you can then take the number 173 and multiply it by 0.70, which is 121. With this method, your fat-burning zone is about 121 for a 47-year-old. 

With that said, lecturer Isaac A. Chávez-Guevara noted (via Insider) that this method might not be accurate since everybody is different. For example, a person who’s a fitness buff might have a higher fat-burning zone than someone who’s just starting. He suggests a more personalized approach by calculating your personal maximum heart rate. To do this, you need a heart rate monitor, either a chest monitor or a watch. Using a treadmill, keep upping the intensity of your walking or jogging pace until it feels draining. Check your heart rate and multiply it by 0.60 for your fat-burning zone. Someone with a maximum heart rate of 181 would have a fat-burning zone of 109. But Chavez-Guevara did note, “You do need to keep moving for more than a few minutes at that pace to burn a meaningful amount of fat.”

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