Healthier Menu Changes McDonald’s Made After Super Size Me’s Bombshell Release – Health Digest

Healthier Menu Changes McDonald's Made After Super Size Me's Bombshell Release - Health Digest

The Academy Award-nominated documentary highlights how Spurlock experienced weight gain, as well as negative effects on his physical and mental health as a result of following a McDonald’s-only diet. With the film’s sky-high success, the biggest change McDonald’s promptly implemented was pulling their Super Size menu options, which Spurlock exposes as being packed with fat, calories, and sugar. The film also takes aim at the restaurant industry’s marketing tactics, much of which the documentary points out is geared towards young kids.

However, rumors have since circulated on social media that McDonald’s Super Size menu may not be gone for good, according to The Mirror US. “In a recent interview with the executives, [McDonald’s] announced they are going to focus on bigger portions and bigger burgers, which leads me to believe they are going to revisit supersize items,” former McDonald’s corporate chef Mike Haracz speculated in a TikTok video in January 2024.

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