Medications That Can Turn Your Pee Black – Health Digest

Medications That Can Turn Your Pee Black - Health Digest

In a 2022 case report published in the World Journal of Clinical Case Reports and Case Series, researchers examined the case of a woman in her early 70s who presented with black urine among other symptoms. In order to determine the cause (which turned out to be a combination of rhabdomyolysis and type 2 diabetes), the researchers pointed out that they first had to rule out medications known to cause black pee, such as ferric preparations. Ferric preparations are iron supplements often used for the treatment of anemia, according to a 2014 study published in Advances in Hematology.

Another medication mentioned in the 2022 case report that the researchers stated they had to rule out was pyrogallol. Acting as an antipsoriatic and antiseptic, pyrogallol is a topical prescription medication used to alleviate certain skin conditions, including dermatitis and psoriasis (per Bayview Pharmacy). 

Phenol medications — sometimes used in the making of throat-numbing sprays, certain vaccines, or in the treatment of ingrown toenails (per Healthline) — were also accounted for in the case study. Experts at Medscape note that black urine can be a sign of phenol poisoning.

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