Serious Poop Symptoms Men Shouldn’t Ignore – Health Digest

Serious Poop Symptoms Men Shouldn't Ignore - Health Digest

The first couple of bathroom-related symptoms for men to be aware of include changes in stool’s consistency or how often you find yourself using the bathroom. More frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation, for example, can both be symptoms of colon cancer, according to the CDC. If your poop has taken on a different shape, this is also something men will want to pay attention to. While healthy stool is shaped similarly to a hot dog or snake, experts at Jefferson Health explain that if your poop becomes as thin as a pencil, it could be a sign of colon cancer.

Finding blood when going number two is another serious symptom not to be ignored that can tell us a lot about our health. “If you just see blood isolated to the toilet paper when you wipe, it’s likely coming from a perianal source like a hemorrhoid or fissure,” gastroenterologist Dr. Lucy Joo told Jefferson Health. “But when it’s mixed in with stool, it may be coming from the rectum or higher in the colon and could be an indication of many other disorders including inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer.”

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