Kim Kardashian Sparks Demand For Tanning Beds – Here’s Why This Is Troubling

Kim Kardashian Sparks Demand For Tanning Beds - Here's Why This Is Troubling

After Allure told Kim Kardashian not to normalize tanning beds, she posted on X, formerly Twitter, that she used the tanning bed to help with her psoriasis. “I don’t use it too often,” she wrote. Dr. Aanand Geria said that UVB light can treat psoriasis in controlled, clinical settings, but tanning beds are different because they lack medical supervision.

“Tanning beds primarily emit UVA light, which is less effective for psoriasis and carries a higher risk of skin damage and cancer,” Geria explained. “For someone with psoriasis, using a tanning bed might provide temporary relief but poses significant long-term risks.”

Kardashian also showed off a red light bed in her TikTok video. That sent Google searches for “what is a red light bed” up 300%. While Geria didn’t say red light beds were harmful, he does question some of their health benefits. “Red light therapy beds claim to provide various health benefits, including skin rejuvenation, wound healing, and relief from pain and inflammation,” he noted. “While there is some scientific evidence supporting the benefits of red light therapy for wound healing and temporary relief of muscle and joint pain, the evidence for other claims, especially for skin rejuvenation, is less conclusive.”

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