Here’s What Your Butt Can Predict About Your Health – Health Digest

Here's What Your Butt Can Predict About Your Health - Health Digest

You have probably heard doctors refer to body mass index (BMI) when they talk of body fat and health, but you can tell a lot about someone’s health by looking at how fat is naturally distributed throughout their body too, according to internal medicine physician Dr. Elena Borukh (via Cleveland Clinic). For example, those who are apple-shaped might carry more weight in their mid-sections unlike those who have an hourglass figure and have fat stored on the top and bottom.

When you store fat on top, your heart and liver might be at more risk of ending up with some of this fat, per a 2017 study published in Cell Metabolism. This might be another reason why men (who typically carry more weight on top) don’t live as long as women. Plus butt fat is not as problematic because it’s made up of subcutaneous yellow fat (fat that’s just under your skin, unlike visceral fat which wraps around your abdominal organs), according to a physician and spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine, Dr. Pamela M. Peeke, per Cosmopolitan. However, while some amount of subcutaneous fat protects your body from different temperatures and injury and also acts as an energy reserve, too much of it is bad too. 

What does all of this mean for your overall health, though? Should all of us be aiming to acquire larger rear ends? Not necessarily. 

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