This Is The Best Sleep Position For Your Hips – Health Digest

This Is The Best Sleep Position For Your Hips - Health Digest

If you struggle with ongoing hip pain, your best bet is going to be sleeping on your back. This way, you’re not placing any direct pressure on the side of your hip, such as when sleeping on your side. In addition, stuff a pillow underneath your knees. Doing so will further reduce stress in the lower back, glutes, and front of the hips, according to experts at Thompson Chiropractic & Wellness.

If you’re a dedicated side sleeper, however, and only one hip is giving you grief, try to sleep on the side that isn’t causing you any pain. Furthermore, to prevent your top leg from falling forward and over your bottom leg, take two pillows and secure one between your ankles and another between your knees. This will help keep your thighs in alignment and reduce strain on the body’s soft tissue, thereby reducing hip pain. If you want to take things one step further, add a little extra padding underneath your hip using a soft, fluffy blanket. 

Whatever you do, avoid sleeping on your stomach if at all possible. According to Tech Times, stomach-sleeping is a recipe for a poor night’s sleep for those with hip pain. All that time spent on your belly overnight puts a great deal of stress on the front of the hips and lower back. This throws the proper positioning of our spine out of whack and can prompt or exacerbate hip pain.

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