Turns Out We Have A Button To Lower High Blood Pressure. Here’s How To Find It – Health Digest

Turns Out We Have A Button To Lower High Blood Pressure. Here's How To Find It - Health Digest

The 2023 article in Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health pulled together nine quantitative studies that found acupressure reduces blood pressure. The researchers concluded that applying pressure at the Taichong point was best for blood pressure. They suggested pressing into the point for five seconds and releasing for one second, repeating this 30 times for a total of three minutes in a single session. You can do this every day for up to four weeks.

According to Positive Acupuncture, the Taichong or Liver 3 acupoint on the top of your foot between the bones of your big toe and second toe. Bring your thumb between these two toes, then move your thumb down so you feel a divot where these two bones meet. It might feel tender there. This acupoint is a point along the liver meridian, which is associated with the Wood element. If the Wood element is out of balance, you could feel anger or irritability, says Thompson Chinese Medicine

While performing acupressure, be sure to take long, deep breaths. Sour foods such as lemon or apple cider vinegar can support the qi in your liver. Avoid quick-digesting carbs such as bread and pair complex carbs with protein to slow your digestion. People associated with the Wood element live a fast-paced lifestyle, so consider slowing down to not only put your qi back into balance but also reduce your blood pressure.

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