Weird Scientific Facts About Your Mustache You Probably Didn’t Know – Health Digest

Weird Scientific Facts About Your Mustache You Probably Didn't Know - Health Digest

You’ve been trying to grow out your mustache and haven’t gotten much past the pencil ‘stache phase. You, however, would like to grow a Tom Selleck mustache that will make all your friends envious. Your diet can play into getting a rich mustache that curls around your upper lip.

Low testosterone can work to hinder your mustache-growing journey. While a severe deficiency might mean you need to make an appointment with your doctor, you can add foods to your diet that help increase your blood testosterone levels. Healthline says a few testosterone-boosting foods include fatty fish, avocados, eggs, and dark leafy greens. In addition to helping your mustache look impressive, they can also help to naturally boost your sex drive and increase your blood cell production.

You might also want to ensure you’re eating foods rich in B vitamins — especially B7 (biotin) — like eggs, fish, and nuts. Biotin is shown to help stimulate the production of keratin for follicle growth, according to CNET. The vitamin C in that grapefruit you have in the morning can also help to keep those free radicals that might bother your follicles in check.

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