What An Expert Has To Say About WaterTok’s Divisive Water Trend – Health Digest

What An Expert Has To Say About WaterTok's Divisive Water Trend - Health Digest

Some TikTok users who’ve had bariatric surgery laud WaterTok to help them with hydration, since carbonated beverages are off-limits post-surgery (via the New York Times). One TikTok user, Erienne Higgins, says she never drank any flavor packets before having bariatric surgery. “I didn’t like anything sweet like that. I could not do it, she said in one post. Now she says she can’t drink plain water even 16 months after her surgery. “It sits like a brick in my gut and it actually physically hurts me,” she said. A doctor told BuzzFeed that bariatric patients who experience water nausea might crave something sweet to make water more palatable.

Lee says adding syrups and flavorings to everyday water can help people meet their hydration needs. “I also would recommend thinking about electrolytes because it actually helps with retaining the fluids in the right places, such as in your vascular compartments, versus tissues or simply just peeing [them] out,” she said. Electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, and potassium maintain fluid balance, nerve function, muscle contraction, and the pH balance in your blood (via Medical News Today).

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