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How to get a body like Jennifer Lopez - Healthista

The Agent’s Secret into how to get a body like Jennifer Lopez. Healthista Collective Expert Georgie Wolfinden quizzes Celebrity trainer Chris Richardson who de-codes how to get JLO’s enviable body

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How to get a body like JLO – at any age!

Jennifer Lopez has one of the most searched physiques due to her enviable strong, curvy, and toned body.

Surely there’s someone out there who can let us in on exactly how to achieve such a healthy body? That’s why I quizzed Celebrity trainer and co-founder of Zero Gravity Pilates, Chris Richardson.

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He discloses how we can get a JLO body with his dynamic Zero Gravity Pilates Method – that’s oh so popular with the celebs – and how it’s possible to transform our bodies from our mid 40‘s onwards – making them firmer, leaner and appear longer in our midlife.

With our bodies changing post 40 as hormones fluctuate and stress rises with the demands of juggling young people, the Pilates reformer offers a time efficient, optimal full body workout.

The result? A firmer, toned and strong silhouette just like Jennifer’s

The Zero Gravity Method focuses on isolating, fatiguing and then stretching each muscle after each of the exercises, and this works its magic on all bodies but is the ultimate method for women during their 40’s and beyond as its dynamically tones, lengthens, improves posture, and relives pain and fatigue held in the body.

That’s why it’s a great way to create the JLO body, as it is a complete offering working both the inner and outer. The sequences are low impact, muscle intense and works dynamically to tone, lengthen and target areas which are difficult to sculp. The reformer can work deep muscles and develop lean muscles which will give you a stronger inner and outer frame much like Jennifer.

The resistance from the innovative spring used on the high tech Zero Gravity reformers incudes contraction followed by deep stretches which all re-align the body resulting in shaping and defining hard to reach areas. The result? A firmer, toned and strong silhouette just like Jennifer’s.

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‘What Jennifer has been mindful of is not overdoing it on the muscles, so she still looks feminine,’ says Richardson.

‘What is clever is that she has accentuated all the parts of the body she loves and really worked on the parts that might be her challenge areas. This has resulted in each part looking its best.

‘It’s easy when people work out too often to look too hard, too overdone, but Jennifer Lopez has found the perfect balance and continues to tweak as the years go by to suit where she is at in her life and her time of life’.

Let’s talk exercise type

The power of Compound exercises will be something that Jennifer Lopez will understand. Compound exercises are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time, such as squats, lunges, overhead presses will deliver toned legs, lifted and firm bum area and firm arm area.

allows us to draw the waistline in, fix round shoulders making them appear squarer and more defined

In addition, I would mix these all-important compound movements with isolation exercises that have a focus on balance, coordination and are able to pinpoint and target core and postural muscles.

This successfully allows us to draw the waistline in, fix round shoulders making them appear squarer and more defined. If you see how Jennifer’s posture makes her appear much taller than her 5’6 height these would be an element of her workout that have led to this.

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jennifer lopez on a boat
Image vis Instagram @jlo

Let’s talk bottoms

Your core is not just your abdominals and can be activated through compound movements and exercises that fire up all muscles in your trunk, back and those wrapped around your pelvic area.

Stretching is important as it elongates the muscles which boosts flexibility

By adding these all-important rotational movements into your training you are able to dynamically strengthen your core, back and really get into the hard to reach waist area which Jennifer Lopez is doing so well.

Let’s talk legs

Jennifer will be doing a lot of stretching and this often this is neglected which can lead to injury. Someone as high profile as Jennifer Lopez will be very mindful of not injuring herself.

Stretching is important as it elongates the muscles which boosts flexibility, allows the body to cool after exercise which promotes healthy muscle recovery and optimising the repair meaning you will feel lengthened the day after.

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