7 natural energy boost tips to try this summer – Healthista

7 natural energy boost tips to try this summer - Healthista

Healthista spoke to Antonia Harman – a multi award winning energy expert and author of Energy Secrets, who reveals 7 natural energy boost tips you can try this summer

As summer is fully upon us, it’s time to embrace the natural energy it provides. The balmy weather benefits the body, mind and soul; below are my top tips to make the most out of the summer season.

#1 Bask in the morning sunlight

Take in some rays before the sun gets too high in the sky; this will help prevent burning, regulate your circadian rhythm, and elevate your energy. Sunlight creates a surge in serotonin production, boosting your joy whilst delivering a dose of natural vitamins.

#2 Exercise outside

There is a reason why gladiators always trained in the sun. There are a plethora of benefits to it. You incinerate more calories covering the same distance, lower cortisol (stress) levels, and your recovery is faster, so there is less pain from delayed onset muscle soreness which means you can build lean muscles at a speedier rate.

When you are outside, you also get the benefits of a change of scenery, diminished crowds, and an opportunity to connect to nature. You could do a little yoga in the garden, take a relaxing stroll, run, or even indulge in some open-water swimming.

Parks often have free outdoor equipment for the public to use; training in a different way keeps life interesting.

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#3 Get grounded

Summer is the best time to ground; it’s a joy to walk on the grass or, if you are fortunate, the sand. Getting your toes in the dirt is far less inviting when the earth is cold.

Earthing is fantastic for the body and has been shown to reduce fatigue, increase energy, lessen chronic pain, and decrease inflammation; you recover faster from exercise. Circulation and blood flow are increased, and you will have faster recovery from exercise and enhanced elevated mood.

Grounding is as simple as walking barefoot, having a picnic on the grass or lying on the beach

Grounding helps with blood pressure issues and hypertension; it may also help with weight loss as it helps reduce stagnation in the body. Grounding is as simple as walking barefoot, having a picnic on the grass or lying on the beach, which are all excellent and enjoyable summer activities.

Wading in the sea is also wonderful as you get grounding from the sand and the water, and you have the additional benefits of the minerals of the sea, such as magnesium.

Many people are deficient in magnesium; it’s essential for bone health, helps with mood, especially with PMS, improves sleep, may help with headaches and muscle soreness, lowers blood pressure and is a natural antidepressant.

#4 Eat the rainbow

Adopting a clean eating approach becomes significantly easier in summer. Be sure to indulge in vibrant salads; the colour of your food reflects its nutrients. You could try eating the rainbow with fruits and vegetables in all the colours.

Throw some fish and meat on the BBQ, and you have the perfect balanced meal. The more natural your food, the fewer processes it has undergone, the healthier it tends to be.

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#5 Make sure you get enough fats in your diet

Fats are essential for brain performance. Animal fats such as butter, ghee, tallow or fatty meat are wonderful for health. You could opt for avocados and nuts, which have all been proven to improve cognitive function.

I love a London Nootropic Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning. Nootropics have many benefits, they increase focus, motivation, and verbal fluency. Adding butter to my coffee and whisking it really helps with flow and thinking, it helps increase strength for exercise, and it also keeps me feeling full, which helps with fasting.

opt for avocados and nuts, which have all been proven to improve cognitive function

Fasting, only eating within an eight-hour window, is wonderful for the body; it gives it a chance to catch up on any maintenance which is needed. It takes a lot of energy to digest food, so the more often you fast, the better shape your body will be in, both inside and out.

Summer is an ideal time to start your fasting journey as you tend to feel less hungry. Eating one less meal in the day may also help with weight loss simply because you consume fewer calories.

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#6 Be mindful of electrolytes

Being active in the heat and perspiring means you need to replenish your salts and minerals. Electrolyte sachets and coconut water are excellent ways to do this; you could also opt for food high in potassium, such as bananas, spinach and those high in magnesium, such as nuts and seeds.

When your electrolytes are low, you tend to feel weak and tired, you may experience cramps and have reduced bowel movements.

#7 Bask in negative ions

Summer is the perfect time to connect to nature and bask in negative ions; these are found in forests, and around natural water such as lakes, streams, and the sea.

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Negative ions counteract the debilitating effect of positive ions. Negative ions bring you back into balance and make you feel alive. They increase your natural clarity and reduce brain fog, improving mental performance and concentration.

They elevate your sense of wellbeing, nourishing the soul. They improve your energy levels and boost serotonin, improving your outlook and mood.

Energy Secrets by multi award winning energy and emotions expert Antonia Harman is available now.

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